do you know what phantas eat, what their qualities and weaknesses, why can not they drink water

Friends, do you know what phantas eat, what their qualities and weaknesses, why can not they drink water, today we will tell you all this post, then stay with our post
Friends, you know that even after thirsting, the phantom soul can not drink water, yes, friends, today we will talk in this post of ghosts,

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This story is described in the coffin of Skanda Purana in the first half. Once the three demons gave full details of their food and diet to Raja Vidurat, after which the king asked the first phantom whose name was Mansand, by telling him what to do Man is not a phantom?
Then the phantom told that the parivar does not become a phantom which looks for a woman in a mother's house, the money of the other, and the other things that she sees as her things.
The one who is tastier and the Varatparayan who always loves to look forward to the gift of food, is not a ghost,
The one who resides in enemy and friend and who resides in honor and humiliation is not a ghost,
The person who was engaged in Dharam and who encourages the people who follow the path of Dharam, is not a ghost,

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After telling all this, he told the king, "Rajan, we are suffering a lot from this phantom vagina. You should give us a lot, then the king asked those demons, how can I do this, then that phantom told that in the pilgrimage Go and make different shirts for the three of us so that we can get rid of this phantom vagina,
After listening to this, the king said that in such a way that you can remember the life of the previous birth, you can walk in the sky and you know the knowledge of Dharam and inhuman, why do you condemn it and why you want to leave it,
       Then the council said that Rajan is called this phantom vaginal goddess Vonini, it has only three qualities.
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Samarpan of the progenitor, the power to walk in the sky, and the knowledge of Dharam Dharam, all its faults in it are Shiva. If we go out of this forest or a certain place, then we will die of invisible (unseen) monsters. Apart from this, all religious rituals such as pooja, havan, yag, etc. can only be done by humans, the phantom vagina or dev vagina can not do it,
When the sun rises on the Taurus, when the ascetic of Jeth (June, July) is in the sun, he is disturbed by thirst and sees the water reservoir filled with water, if we go near him, then we can see the invisible Mudgro Dies, we are distraught from hunger, and we know what is made in the house, but we are not hungry but we can touch it,
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Apart from this, we can only see the trees of good fruits but they can not eat them, what should I say more than that, whatever bad things happen to us, we have to force them without any mistake, and our livelihood of wrongdoing does not move, Food and rides are not all for us,
That is why when we come to the present time, we keep on searching the holes forever, the thing about the power of our going out of the sky, which you have said is not entirely correct,
What is the benefit from the power of the passage of the sky, the knowledge of Dharam Dharam and the remembrance of the former birth by which salvation can not be attained? Therefore, Rajan does not get any direct from them, despite all these qualities,
Rather, due to all these qualities, sadness and sorrow are more due to the fact that Phantom vagina is not able to do any good work,
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If the king says this, I will go to the house from this great forest, then surely you will perform a special prayer for the people and will give me your purpose with all sorts of measures,
At this time you tell me a reservoir saved from human beings, by receiving water and thanking you, then Manad said that Maharaj is a little away from this place, which is surrounded by various types of workshops. You go there from here,
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