How Lord Krishna died, where did Sri Krishna die, and why and why did the whole Yaduvans of Shri Krishna end? Who was the one who killed Shri Krishna with one arrows? After Krishna's death, where did Dwarka go?

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Today, we will tell you in this post how Lord Shri Krishna died, where did Lord Krishna die and why and why was the whole Yaduvans of Shri Krishna ended?
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Friends, you must have known about the war of Mahabharata, this war had lasted for 18 days and in this war, all the Kurva dynasty was destroyed, and most of the people of the Pandav party, except the fifth Pandav, were killed, but this war Because of this war, another lineage came to an end and that descent was the birthplace of Lord Krishna, the Yaduvansh,
All this happened because of the curse of Gandhari which he gave to Shri Krishna,
Friends talked about the time when the war of Uudhis was going to be tilak after the war, then Corso's mother Gandhari blamed Shri Krishna for the war of Mahabharata and cursed Krishna, just as the descendants of Korovas were destroyed. Type all Yaduvansh will also be destroyed,

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Due to the destruction of Gandhari's disaster, Shri Krishna returned to Dwarka and he had brought an endeavor to the Yaduvanshi, he had also brought with him the food stock, on which Shri Krishna gave food to the Brahmins, waiting for the death of Yudvanshio Where was
A few days after the Mahabharata, there was a dispute between Sakki and Devvarma, and Sakki got angry and cut off the head of the Goddess. The dispute broke out between them and they split into two groups and started compiling each other,
In this battle, all Yaduvanshi were killed with Pradyuman, son of Shri Krishna and his friend Sakki, only Brabu and Daru were left, after the destruction of Yaduvans, Shri Krishna's elder brother, Balram, sat on the beach and got absorbed and immersed in God In this way, Avtar Balram of Sheshnag sacrificed his body,
After leaving the body of friends Balram, when Shri Krishna was sitting in the lower posture of Peepal one day, then there was a small boat named after him, a whale was a hunter and he wanted to hunt for a buck, just like From far away, the feet of Shri Krishna appeared like the face of a buck,
Bheleyi left an arrow without thinking of anybody who came to Lord Krishna's soles, when he went near, he saw that he had shot an arrow in Shri Krishna's Para, after that the Behalie realized his mistake and he Began to apologize,
After that, Shri Krishna did not do anything from you, you did what you wanted, now you will get all the things from my command,
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After leaving the infant, he reached the charioteer of Krishna, Lord Krishna, then where did Shri Krishna go to Dwarka and tell everyone that the entire Yaduvansh has been finished and Krishna has also suffered a lot with Balram, therefore now all Dwarka Due to this the city is going to be submerged, so my parents and all my dear ones will go to Indraprastha (Delhi), taking the message of Shri Krishna, the baroque went away. Since the location of all gods, direct, Gandharva, appeared and they have been followed by Mr. Krisnki worship Sri Krishna closes his eyes and he returned to his abode with the body,

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According to the Bhagavad Gita, according to the Bhagavad Gita, when Sri Krishna's helplessness was reported to his family, he also sacrificed his life, after this, Arjuna donated the shadra and the grind for all the Yaduvans and after that the remaining Dwarka vaishyo Lotted
Dwarka Vaishi's exit from there, leaving all the places of Shri Krishna's place of residence, all the Dwarkas were submerged in the sea, thus also the end of Dwarka along with Shri Krishna and all the Yaduvans,
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