How was the fort of Bhangarh, Bhutia Fort Bhangarh, the mystery of the fort of Bhangarh, whose soul is inside the fort of Bhangarh?

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The friends seem very thrilled to read and see the ghost of the ghost, but just think if you face anything with the ghost of souls then will you say that you will be thrilled, think a dark dark night you are going alone and going through the streets Your car gets spoiled, no one is far away, and in such a situation suddenly someone will come to you, who is looking strange, suddenly your eyes go towards his side. And then turned his feet you see and look further as they look further to find change what you know, it excited?
The idea of ​​having any ecstatic power or a lot of phantom in front of you also makes the body of the body just like it is happening to you now,
Friends are many places in India where there is a habit of souls, a deserted or a lonely house, or a long abandoned building, apart from that place where anyone has died because of an accident. Souls reside in places, because the souls of people whose life suddenly goes in an accident, their souls do not get salvation and they keep on wandering in search of another body in which they can enter ,

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There is a lot of place to say where it has been certified that there is something wrong in that place which can be realized,
One such place is the Bhangarh Fort of Rajasthan, this is the place which the Archeology Department has not considered safe for movement and the state government has planted the Bod on the four sides of Bhangarh, clearly it is written that before the sun emerges And after the sun rises, no one will stop and will not go inside this fort, otherwise he will be responsible for his own death,
After all, what is there in Bhangarh which prevents people from going and what is behind what is there, although no one can fully tell it about the incident which is completely decreasing, but its local people There are some customs that we are going to tell you today,
The people believe that this place had a very beautiful princess named Rattnavati long ago, on which the art magic spell was visible to the Tantric, Tantric exploited the princess with art magic and exploited her physical condition but an accident Tantric died in the day and the soul of the same tantrik still wanders there, according to the curse of the Tantric, that place was never found; Go dies but his spirit linger there,

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According to the popular story, Sindhu Sevada used to levy a tantrik on a mountain, she was fascinated by the appearance of Rani Ratnavati, one day out of Bhangarh she saw that the queen of the queen has come to take hair oil for Indusa Sevda The oil has been whipped, whatever the oil it takes, will bring it to her,
But the queen also knew the knowledge of the system, so she understood the oil, and the queen asked the maid to throw the oil immediately on a rock, the maid said that the oil thrown on a rock as per the queen says The holy oil blew that rock off and sent it to Sindhu Sevada, Indusa Sevada estimated that the rock was seen without seeing that the queen was sitting on the rock and she was coming to him. He ordered the oil that he straightened on his chest, when the rock approached, the tantrik knew the reality and then cursed him to lay the rock down on his face and breathe the Bhangarh town into the fenon and buried himself under the rock. Gaya ,

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It is said that the Siddha Queen did not take time to understand all this and she immediately ordered everyone to evacuate the town. Thus, this town was completely destroyed and the Queen also gifted the curse of Tantric, how much truth is there in this story It can be known from the fact that some people quote Ratnawati as some princess and some people do not know when this state was disrupted and Queen Rattnavati was the queen of which king she was the daughter of these people. No public sector,
But even today it is still under the control of the ghost soul,

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