Starting From just 5 thousand business earn millions of rupees, the 8 best businesses to be done in summer,

Hello friends .....
     In this post we will tell you that in the summer you can do business from cone cones and earn money easily,
In India, the summer season lasts for more than 6 months, along with the demands of these businesses are also persistent,
So let's start

1. Soda Zone Business:

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In this business, you have to sell and sell soft drinks,
For this, to make soft drinks or soda zones,
Can be started at the cost of 2 lakhs,
Earnings can earn from 20 to 30 thousand,

2. Ice Cream Parlor Business:

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This business starts from just 20 thousand,
Can earn up to 30 thousand per month
By the way, this business now runs in every season but it runs more in the summer season,

3. Sugarcane juice stores:

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There is a lot of demand for this business in the summer season,
This business can be started from 25 thousand,
To do this business requires a set of machine to get rid of sugar cane juice,
In it you can earn up to 40000 of the month

4. Fruit, Fruit Juice Corner:

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The demand for this business remains 12 months, but in the summer this business is very much running,
This business requires around 15 thousand rupees,
With this business you can earn up to 1 lakh of the month, if your location is good,

5. Mineral Water Supplier:

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 In the summer this business has a good demand,
It can only be started from 10 thousand,
With this you can earn 30 thousand of the month,

6. Water ATM Business:

Image result for water  atm

Friends, you have seen this business very much today
This is the easiest and earning business to run in summer,
You can earn up to 1 lakh per month for this business
You can start this from 50 to 70 thousand,

7. Swimming bridge service;

Image result for swimming pool

Friends, along with the big cities, this business has started to work well in small towns too,
You can start this business with a small one time investment or say 2 lakhs,
It can earn 30 to 50 thousand per month,
This is a highly profitable business,

8. Cooler & AC Repairing Service:

Image result for ac repairing

 You must have knowledge of repairing for this work or business
Only 25000 can be started
In this you can earn up to 1.5 lakhs a month,

Two friends were the 8 work to be done in the summer, we will tell you the next 8 jobs. In this next post you must tell us this post,

Thank you
Rahul Rana

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