Those 15 mysteries of the Taj Mahal who do not know, do you know these 15 mysteries of the Taj Mahal? Do you know that the Taj Mahal has been built over 50 wells?

Those 15 mysteries of the Taj Mahal who do not know, do you know these 15 mysteries of the Taj Mahal?
Do you know that the Taj Mahal has been built over 50 wells?
Do you know that the artisans who built the Taj Mahal had also left a very big mistake by annoying with Shahjahan, do you know what is wrong about that mistake?
In this post, I will tell you about some of the mysteries of the Taj Mahal who will know about your hair,
So let's start the network of the secrets of Taj Mahal

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1. It is believed that the construction of the Taj Mahal was started in the year 1631 and it was completed in 1653, it is still called a huge sample of construction, the researcher has searched a lot of saris on it and believes that the Taj Mahal There is more than a thousand rooms below,
They believe it is as high as it has been made till the depths of the earth,
At the time the Taj Mahal was built, many roads were built to get out of the fort and the same is in the Taj Mahal, there is a path below it which goes very far, but since the time of Shajahan Road closed /

2. You will be surprised to know that the Taj Mahal keeps changing its color at different times of the day, in the morning, the Taj Mahal looks pink, the face looks golden in white and moonlit night,
According to the scientists, due to the light of the sun and moon on such a white marble,

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3. It is said that at the time of the construction of the Taj Mahal, ghosts and those who did not keep its foundation, they used to destroy it repeatedly and used to scare the artisans and scare them, when such a day went on, Shajahan himself took the opinion of Imam And Imam gave the opinion of calling the Bukhari in the city of Arjara in Arjah, then on the advice of the king, Pire came to Agra with his four brothers and sisters Sahaiko,
The Charo Peer Bandhu has studied the Koran during the formation of the Taj Mahal of Agra, after which the Taj Mahal was started by keeping the hands of the Taj Mahal under the shadow of Taj Mahal, even today, the mazar of these four Pirs is made around the Taj Mahal, It is believed that until this mazar is there nothing will be done to the Taj Mahal,

4. In 1934, a resident of Delhi looked through the hole in the Taj Mahal, and saw that inside it there was a large room made of Stumbo and that room was full of the idol of Hindu Goddess Devata, according to that man, Rosendanya was made in the room. It was usually found in large Hindu temples, those illuminating lights were covered with marble stones, which seems to be seen by anyone that there is no way to hide Hindu Dharam. The local people also believed that the Taj Mahal was earlier a Hindu temple, which was famous as the Tejojahalaya, later it was turned into a Taj Mahal, but what is the reality is still a mystery. ,
The Archaeological Survey of India has closed its 22 rooms so that there is no riot in Bhavishya due to the hidden truth in these rooms,

5. The most surprising thing is that the name Qutub Minar, which is called the tallest building, is said to be the tallest Taj Mahal. In front of the Taj Mahal, the high tower of the Qutub Minar goes down to the smallest in front of the Taj Mahal, according to official figures, from Taj Mahal Qutub Minar 5 Feet is too high,

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6. To see the Taj Mahal, the crowds are the most crowded every day, you will be surprised to know that there is no place in the world where so many sailiks are united in the day, around 18000 people visit everyday every day to see the Taj Mahal ,

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7. Do you know about that dream of Shajahan which he saw for himself but not for his Begum Mumtaz Mahal? Jai is the dream of the Taj Mahal. He wanted to create a black Taj Mahal for Mumtaz after the white Taj Mahal,
But when he was imprisoned by his son, Orangzeb, this dream was left to be a dream,

8. If you see Taj Mahal that high towers, you will see that the four steps are not vertical and are sloping towards each other, these buildings or towers were constructed to make the sky light not fall on the main dome, which is the main dome. These disasters can be avoided, some say that the bowl is bowing down to the bowl, therefore it is bowed down,

9. It is said that after the construction of the Taj Mahal, those artisans were cut off, in the light of the Likan history, those people had contributed in building many buildings even after the Taj Mahal, Ustad Amad Lahori was a part of that pulse which was a part of the Taj Mahal The construction of the Red Fort was started in the same village as Dakarkhakh,

10. Some people also believe that the Taj Mahal was built by Shajahan, but not by the sea level, at the place where there is a magnificent temple like the Taj Mahal, there was the first Shiva Mandir, which was named Tejomahalaya and the water dripping on its roof by boiling it on Shivling of Shiva. Dripping
A popular story behind it is also that when Shajahan announced the annihilation of all the laborers, he left a hole in the Taj Mahal on the roof so that the beautiful dream of Shajahanan could not be completed,

11. All the fountains associated with the Taj Mahal work together and the most surprising thing is that no fountain in the Taj Mahal is connected to any pipe, but a tank of copper has been made under every fountain, at the same time Fills and works together with pressure,

12. Everyone knows that Mumtaz Shahjahan was his wife but these people know that he was his third wife, Shajahan That he passed away giving birth to the fourteenth child, and in his memory Shajahan made the Taj Mahal,

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13. There is a lot of talk about the Taj Mahal, due to which there is no order to go to the rooms below it, it is believed that there may be a lot of gold and wealth in their lower rooms, because there is a lot of metal detector To be a metal, that is Pusti hui,

14. Itasaro believes that there may be many such documents which can change our history, the news of finding these bases came very well but could never be opened, many of them opened the doors but later They were closed without telling anything,

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15. Today, where all people are crazy about Selfie, but do you know that the first selfie George Harishon took with the Taj Mahal,

So friends were some of the interesting information related to the most magnificent building in the world that many people do not know, what kind of information did you tell us in the Commands section,
Also if you want information about someone else, we must have written it,

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