why God Krishna did not marry Radha, what was the reason that Shri Krishna could not marry Radha of his childhood?

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Friends, today we will tell you in this post why God Krishna did not marry Radha, what was the reason that Shri Krishna could not marry Radha of his childhood?

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Friends, as you all know, whenever the sin goes on earth on this earth, Lord Vishnu incarnates on this earth, and this is why he repeatedly done this, due to this, his wife Lakshmi ji also appears on earth with him repeatedly,
That is why in the Treta era when Lord Vishnu embraced Ram, Mata Lakshmi incarnated as Sita and when Lord Vishnu incarnated Lord Krishna in Dwapar era, Mata Lakshmi was born as Rukmini,

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In the Dwapar era, Goddess Lakshmi was born as the daughter of King Bhisma of the widowed country as Rukmani, which she was very pleased with, but after a few months of Rukmini, to kill Rukmini, the monstrous palace named Putna Had come in,
This was exactly the same which was thought to kill God Krishna by feeding his poisonous milk in his childhood, but he had received death by breast feeding the demonic Lord Shri Krishna, but before the Lord Krishna, Pootna also liked Rukmini as well. She had tried to breastfeed but Goddess Rukmini did not breastfeed her after her many cousins, and when she repeatedly asked Goddess Lakshmi When people were kissing their milk, only a few people had come to the palace. Seeing that the goddess had flown to the sky about Rukmini, the people followed a lot of worship but did not catch it, then the people expected to live in Rukmini Had left
When Putna was flying in the sky with Goddess Rukmini then Goddess Rukmani started to increase her load after getting rid of her and she increased her weight so that she did not bear the burden of worship, then Puthana gave the Goddess Rukmini Left and the Goddess Rukmini fell on the falling flower falling from the sky and came down on a lotus flower in a lake in Barsana, near a village near Mathura,
At the same time, Varasana, a Varasana man, was passing along the banks of the lake with his wife, Devi, when both of them were lying on the banks of the lake, they picked him up and brought him to his house and treated him as his daughter and started nurturing him. Her name is Radha,

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Radha ji, when he is big, he meets, he is a Gawal Bagwan Baghak from Shri Krishna, friends, you must know about Radha Krishna's Ras Leelao and his unbreakable love and also know that at one time Bagan Shri Krishna Gokul and After leaving Radha, Dwarka was gone, Baghwan Shri Krishna went to thinking that after coming back, he will marry Radha and make his wife,
But some time after his departure, the king of the widowed country knows that Radha is his daughter Rukmini, so when he comes to shower, his daughter takes Rakmani, that is, Radha with her,

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Friends were a miserable state of devotional state Lord Krishna, so he wanted to marry the goddess Rukmani with someone else, that is why Lord Krishna defeated the Goddess Rukmini and married him, which was his Radha too,
Friends, you must have gone to the society to hear this story when Lord Krishna had married Rukmini, how would he marry Radha?
According to this story, Radha ji and Rukmini ji were the same, this is a fairly prevalent and popular story,

But now the question arises that if Radha G Rukmini Ji was the same then that angle was Radha whose marriage had happened with a King and seeing Radha's love for Lord Krishna, she died and was the sixth and repeatedly poisoned her Was it?
And it was Radha Kona who went to Dwarka in the Krishna city of old age and worked as her maid?
And it was Radha Kone who died listening to listening to the busry of Shri Krishna under a tree in the forest, and who had broken his baskoor on the death of Shri Krishna?
After all, the story is true. We will soon tell you in the next post,
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