why women and women have to suffer the sufferings of Mahavid every month,

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Friends, in this post we will tell you why women and women have to suffer the sufferings of Mahavid every month,
In our Dharam texts, there is a description of many such incidents that tell about the events happening in our lives,
This science tells it to be a general procedure, whereas in our religious texts, it is said to be the weakness of women. Let us know what is the reason behind it in Hindu scriptures,

According to legend, due to Devaraj Inder, the curse given to women has been told, according to the Bhagwat Purana, once the Guru became angry with Bespati Inder Dev, taking advantage of that, Assuar embraced Goddess and Deity was defeated and Inder Dev had to leave his cushion,

While rescuing himself from Asura, Indra Dev came to Brahma, the creator of Lord Satishi and sought help from Brahma ji. Then Brahma ji suggested to him that for this you have to serve a Brahmin wise, if he becomes oppressed, then you Heaven will get back the folk,

According to Brahma ji, Inder Dev began to serve a Brahma Gyanani, but Indra Dev was unaware of the fact that the mother of the theologian who was serving him was a strong attachment,
Due to the attachment to Asuro, they used to give the knowledge of Indi Dev's sari havan material to the goddess Asuaro, when it came to know about the inner God, then he got angry and killed that giani,
Lord Vishnu advised Inder to avoid the sins of killing Brahma, that Devraj Inder, for this, you have to disobey a little bit in the tree, land, water, and woman, and also everyone will have to give a boon,

According to Lord Vishnu, Inderdev first requested the tree to take a piece of sin and the tree took a fourth part of the sin, in return Inder boasted the tree, after the death, the tree itself can survive itself. is .

After this, water consumed one fourth of the sin, on the say of Inder, in exchange, Inder boiled the water. You can sanctify any Vaastu; That is why the Hindus consider water as sacred in Hindu religion and water is worshiped in worship Used,

In the same way, land also took a fourth part of the sin of Indra Dev, in return Inder boasted the land that the small ones on it would be filled up automatically.

Finally, in order to make an appeal to God, one fourth of the last remaining sins took place, due to which women suffer every month of menstrual cycle every month. Instead, he boasted to the woman that there would be none in the tolerant world like him.

Friends, this was the reason why we must tell women how to get this information about having menstruation.

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