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 Today in this post, I am going to tell you about a dangerous disease related to the body, due to which many people are pressured, as well as I will explain why it happens, what are its initial symptoms, and how do you avoid it? Can .....

 Yes, friends, I am talking about the rising uric acid in your body, yes friends, due to the increase of uric acid, pain starts in every joint of the body, we feel weakness, any work. Do not dare to, you know that you will not see anything except just exhaustion and slowly the pain will increase in your joints and especially in the front part, and you will walk again If I fail, I saw friends how dangerous this disease is…

So, friends, let me tell you about the reasons of this disease, why this disease is increasing day by day,

Friends, at this time no one takes care of their food, and secondly, the very work items found in the market are nutritious for the body, most of the things found in the market are very harmful to you,

Now friends tell you why uric acid problem is increasing day by day and why young people are getting old prematurely, friends is the biggest reason for this excess protein, yes friends, when the amount of protein starts increasing in our body So it increases uric acid, which causes pain in every joint of the body, and the most pain is in the front of your pero, due to which You can't walk,

Now the question arises as to which is found in excess protein, first of all comes pulses, fruits with any seeds, eggs, beans, chickpeas, etc.

When you go to the doctor, the doctor will first advise you to leave these things,

What is uric acid

Uric acid is a chemical that is formed in the body when the body processes a chemical called purine, that is, breaks it into small pieces. Purine chemicals are also made in our body and are also found in some foods.

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“In this activity, the uric acid produced gets mixed in the blood and reaches the kidneys. Our kidneys filter this chemical with blood and excrete it from the body through urine. ”Dr. Khanna.

"But when the body starts making more and more uric acid or the kidneys are not able to get the chemical out of the body in the right amount, then its quantity in the blood increases, which can again cause problems in the body." This condition is called hyperuricemia. "

Main reasons for increasing uric acid:


Diabetes or diabetes, also known as sugar disease

Drink too much

Due to a weak kidney, the kidneys cannot filter out the right amount of kidney uric acid.

Eating foods that contain high amounts of purine such as - chicken liver, anchovy (salted small fish, sardine fish, dried beans and peas, mushrooms

Why is pain due to increased uric acid:

 A well-known doctor explains that if uric acid increases in the body, then its gout begins to form (crystals with blood). "Gout is a kind of painful arthritis that occurs due to freezing of uric acid crystals in the joints of the body. This is a disease in which pain and swelling occurs in any joint bandage of the body suddenly. Often it hurts the biggest finger of the foot and causes pain in it. "

To reduce the amount of uric acid naturally, it is very important to take care of your food.

Home remedies to reduce and control uric acid

Reduce your consumption of alcohol

Avoid purine-rich foods such as red meat, liver, seafood and other meat parts of chicken

In your diet, adopt foods that contain a small amount of purine such as refined grains, bread and flour, milk, eggs, green vegetables, fruits and peanut butter.

Drink more water. Drink at least three to four liters of water a day

Exercise daily and try to lose weight

The easiest and safest way to reduce uric acid is fenugreek, yes friends, go to the market and get 500 grams of fenugreek, about 60 or 50 rupees will come,

Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek in a glass of water at night and drink this water in the morning and eat the fenugreek, you will feel the effect in ten days,

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