Five Facts About our earth , Know The unknown Facts about Earth ?

Our earth, known by the name of the earth, the earth, and many more, is a place where life, that is, living beings, lives.
But you know all this, but do you know these 5 things about our earth,

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1. Do you know what age (age) of the earth is?

Most people don't know the answer

Friends, the age of the earth is 4.57 billion years
That is 658 million years

Now a question related to this must have come to your mind that how scientists will age or calculate the age, there is a calculation for this which is called radiometric dating, from which scientists take out the age of any stone, mountain etc. Now you must have understood how scientists came out of the age,

2. What is the temperature of the Earth i.e.

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Friends, you all know that the normal temperature of the earth is 14 degrees C
But there is some such place on the earth, the temperature of the earth is very different in the place.
And sometimes it changes a lot over time like
14 July 1913 Death Vally The United States recorded the highest temperature of the earth, which was 54.9 degrees C,
If we talk about the lowest temperature, it is -49.2 degrees C, which was recorded on July 21, 1973, at the Vos Tok station in Roush,

3. Was the Earth ever considered to be the center of the universe, or was the Earth at the center of the universe?

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This model is also called geocentric model

There was a scientist named
NICOLAUS COPERNICUS who gave a model named Heliocentric model in which he said that our earth revolves around the Sun, and he proved that the Geocentric Model is wrong, and the Earth is not the center of the universe,

4. Is the Earth's rotation slowly slowing down?

Yes, you heard it right, the speed of our earth's rotation is slowly slowing down.
If we talk about its calculation or calculation, then it is slowing down to 14 years
That is, every 100 years, 17 ml but the seconds are decreasing.

Now you also want to know why the speed of the earth is decreasing,
Friends, as you all know or for those who do not know, tell them that both the moon and the earth are moving away from each other, which is 3.6 cms / year.
Let me tell you that the more the earth moves away from the moon, the more its rotation speed will decrease,
Let me tell you for your information when the Earth was created, that is, 657 million years ago, when the moon and the earth were very close to each other, then it was only 4 hours a day,
But slowly the moon moved away from the earth and today after 658 million years, that's why your day is 24 hours,
If we talk about the future to come, then after 14 crores years from now, your day will be 25 hours,

5. Revolution speed of the Earth,
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 friends, we all know that the earth revolves around the sun, but do you know how much speed it rotates, or what is the speed of the earth?
 Let us answer this question, yes you would not have thought, the speed of the Earth around the Sun and the speed or speed is 30 km / s i.e. the Earth every hour
30 * 60 * 60 = 108000 km hour revolves around the Sun and at the same speed you are also spinning, there is no amazing shocking mystery

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