How did life begin on Earth? You will be surprised to know. How life Began on Earth?

How modern we have become today, we can go out of the earth, we can see millions of light years in space, we have science which gives us the answers to our questions, based on scientific data, we also have a lot of our existence. Have guessed right to the extent

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Earth is our home where we live, which has sheltered life for many crores of years, and even today the data is coming

According to scientists, there are about 8700000 species of creatures on the earth, out of which only 15 percent of the species we have discovered till date,

But where did all these animals come from, after all, how did life begin on Earth?

, To know this, we have to go back a long time when the earth was in its infancy

So let's go to about 456 crores today, about 4.5 billion years ago

About 4.5 billion years ago, a huge rock of rock was circling an unnamed star, its surface was made of molten lava, and there was no trace of life on this earth, at this time It was raining small and small rocks continuously, this process continued for a long time, after which this rock circle slowly took the form of a huge house, as well as this house made its own moon, friends It is the same house where we all live today, that is, our Earth, at this time the temperature of the Earth was very high. After a long time, the temperature of our house cooled down and after that a solid surface was built on it, about 3.9 billion. Years ago it again faced the rains of fire, which we call THE LATE HEAVY BOMBARDMENT, and at this time it was raining not only small rocks but also meteor bodies.

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Several thousand meteor bodies were roaming the earth every day,

These meteor bodies had brought some very happy with them, there were frozen ice crystals inside them which formed the ocean on our earth, and also brought nitrogen nitrogen in the earth's atmosphere, but the earth was still lifeless. Was still not suitable for the earth, the earth's atmosphere was still completely filled with poisonous gases, yet it was not a gas called oxygen to start life, and  Earth Also was on all sides surrounded by water,

After this, about 3.8 billion years ago, once again meteorite bodies started raining in our earth, but this time, these bodies brought not only water with them but also something very precious, this time they brought with them minerals or minerals. , As well as they transported carbon, protein, and amino acids from space to sea, but the temperature was very low in the depths of the sea. It reached the sunlight She could not get it, but it was small chimneys in the depths of the sea which were keeping the water hot even in the depths of the sea, and this is how the first seed of life flourished, till date how no one has done this to anyone, but someone In this way, all those elements together sowed the seed of life, and before it was born of a unicellular organism, it was a type of bacteria, these bacteria started growing very fast in the sea and Gradually, the entire water of the sea was filled with these unicellular organisms. After several crores of years, the number of these bacteria in the sea had increased so much that they had joined together into a kind of stone-like structure and their name was STROMATOLITES. A rock was a complete colony of bacteria in itself, these bacteria used to convert sunlight into food, and today this process is known by the name of photosynthesis. They used to release a product that was a gas and its name was oxygen,
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These tiny creatures created one of the most precious things on earth which was most important for life on earth, the amount of oxygen on the earth kept increasing for about 2 billion years, about 1.5 billion years ago on earth. Even now no complex light was developed nor were there so many continents on earth, there were only small islands on the earth which were surrounded by water on all sides but now in the womb of the earth A. began to stir as the surface of the earth broke in many tectonics, then joined in the islands themselves caused by movements of these plates and the creation of a super-continent called RODINIA

At this time, the temperature of the Earth was 30 degrees Celsius, and the Earth used to be 18 hours a day, but with time the conditions had started changing, about 75 million years ago, the outline of the Earth was changing, now the super continent of the earth is two The lava broke down in the run-up and the lava under the earth started coming out on the surface of the Earth with a volcanic eruption, due to these explosions, the amount of carbon dioxide on the Earth increased greatly. These black clouds of carbon dioxide were inundated, due to continuous acid rain from these clouds, carbon dioxide on the earth started accumulating in the form of thick layers on the surface of the earth, due to this there is a huge reduction of carbon dioxide on the earth. Went, and now the earth's atmosphere could no longer resist the heat of the sun, this caused the temperature of the earth to decrease very rapidly, and the first ice-sage on Earth started It was, it was the largest iceland ever, but it was not going to be the same as before, over time the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere started increasing again with which the temperature of the earth started rising again. Due to this, the snow accumulated on the earth slowly Due to which the earth started coming back to normal again, about 54 million years ago, all the ice of the earth was ponged, when we go inside the ocean, we get to see a new world, now in the availability of oxygen A cell organism was developed in many other forms, there were small marine plants, small marine organisms as well as a giant marine organism ANOMALOCARIS, all of them were present. these organisms were developed from a single cellular organism,
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At the same time there was a small 5 cm organism named Pikaya who had developed something different in his body from the rest of the life which is an important part of our body, yes, the bone of the ridge was developed inside this organism. It was done,

Today, about 46 million years ago, the earth had become familiar to some people, the super continent of the earth was talked about in many other parts, but still the creatures living on the earth were not visible, and till now there were trees on the surface of the earth. Did not rise

But why was it because of the ultraviolet rays coming from the sun, but now a new layer was being formed in the earth's atmosphere which we know today as the ozone layer, the oxygen of the atmosphere of the sun. Ultraviolet rays were absorbed and converted into ozone gas, it created a sheet of earth and a sheet that protects us from ultraviolet radiation of the sun today, due to this Now small questions began to flourish on the surface of the earth and these were the first creatures of the earth,

Along with this, something strange began to happen, the fish living in the sea decided to come out of the water and with time it slowly started to stay out of the water and on earth for a long time, in about 15 million years these animals were very Some had developed and now they could live on the ground completely, and were called TETRAPODES,

About 34 million years ago, these tetra pods were completely developed and now they were fully capable of living on the ground, let us tell you that these were the creatures that later became dinosaur Birds, Mammals, Animals and many more Were transformed into animals, and eventually were to be developed as humans, a new species started from here,

But now the bad time of the Earth was about to begin, with the development of life continued over time, as well as the atmosphere of the earth was changing very fast and once again the temperature of the earth was increased due to volcanic eruption,

Due to this, famine on the earth was read, in this famine, all the trees were dried up and 95 percent of the population of the living organisms on this earth got destroyed in this volcano, in this famine, only few animals could survive who started eating anything to live. At the same time these creatures started living inside the earth to escape the heat, but with time the situation improved again and the earth's atmosphere started to recover again with which once on the earth Flora started growing relationship,

About 20 million years ago, volcanic eruptions led to the creation of new terrains, which together formed a super continent called PENGEA, now the Earth looked much the same from space as it does today, so After passing through a great famine, the earth has become normal, due to which 5 percent of the remaining creatures on the earth have now developed and a completely new species is born which will be born in the future. And was running his kingdom and his name was Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs those 5 percent were Vikisit of organisms which could save some sort ourselves that famine,
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There were many species of dinosaur , some were vegetarians, some were non-vegetarians, some dinosaur  were very quiet nature, some were very violent, dinosaur  also ruled the earth for a long time, and for about 11 million years, it was on earth There were many

But what happened after that, all the dinosaurs were told and we came from where the humans came, we will tell you in the next post, if you want to know this, then comment us, we will provide you another post soon.



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