Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part -3


1. Life throws solid challenges at you and expects you to grow stronger, not to sigh and complain.

2. Most of the pursuits you’re afraid of would work out just fine once you got into the habit of doing it.

3. Focusing on your habits is more important than worrying about your outcomes.

4. You don’t deserve anything in life— you have to earn it.

5. Actions don’t equal to progress always. The crisis needs a spine to make things happen.

6. Finding your purpose is powerful. Living your purpose is liberating. Fulfilling your purpose is priceless and builds a legacy.

7. Everyone has their own version of you in their head. Lean into only what makes you unique n confident.

8. A life of mediocrity is a wasted life. No one chooses it but many settle for it.

9. Health, good health is a promise to a balanced life. U can't be effective if you're not feeling good and are not looking good.

10. Inheritance is a matter of fortune, the legacy, you leave behind is a matter of calling.

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