Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part -5

 1. My goal is not to run a marathon, the goal is to become a runner.

2. Nothing is more powerful than knowing every hour brings me closer to the last one.

3. If you’re in a hole, it’s best to stop digging and figure out a way to climb out of it, no matter how deep it is.

4. When we overthink, we burn. When we reflect, we understand. When we take action, we learn. Be not a thinker. Be a doer.

5. Every path you choose in life will cost you. You don’t get to choose whether you sacrifice or not, but you've only choice of what you sacrifice.

6. Treat yourself nice even when you don’t deserve it. No form of proof beats the power of a demonstration.

7. Going with the flow, it’s usually a sign of passivity and a lack of assertiveness.

8. Never regret trying and failing. Rejection, embarrassment, and ego-bruises fade. The thought of ‘what could’ve been’ sticks with you until you die.

9. Watch what people do, don’t listen to what they say —The mouth speaks about intentions while behavior always shows the truth.

10. Go forward with your life, no matter what may be standing in the way. You have the fortitude to act, to live well, if only you will use it.

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