Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part -4

 1. Every fault you admit can challenge you to improve yourself. Every weakness you embrace you can proceed to transform into a strength.

2. Embrace what makes you different. You never know where it may take you.

3. More important than the influence of luck is the power of faith and desire.

4. Treat your life like the hall of fame career it was and build yourself a miniature statue for every feat you chalked.

5. Don't stop believing in your abilities even if the world thinks and believes you are crazy.

6. you’ll end up chasing all climbs n thrills forever if you don’t learn how to live below your means, mentally.

7. Do not stress much on numbers. To be able to drive forward, you need to look ahead, not constantly check your rearview mirror. Quantify less. Feel more about your journey.

8. Learn to compete with idiots and you’ll win in life. Nowadays more than ever, idiots are in high supply.

9. It's always difficult and courageous to choose between getting marks and making a mark. That is why very very few make a keeps paddling.

10. If you treat each day like a new page of the story that is your life, you’ll write an epic story. Make it a book you’re proud to read.

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