Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part-8

1.  Perseverance is good, but sometimes the way forward is to rip everything up and start again.

2. Fear pushes you into scarcity, which eventually compounds into poverty.

3. You need to burn the boats and remove your options. Make your only option to move forward and succeed.

4. We don’t react to situations in our life. We react to our opinions and judgments about them.

5. You pay a greater price for being nice than for embracing your flaws.

6. Peak performances are not achieved in a single practice. Appreciate the process and work your way to the top.

7. Life is a process of breaking through every obstacle thrown at you. Each time you cross an impediment, you’ll learn something. Each time, you’ll develop strength, wisdom, and perspective.

8. All changes are scary and uncomfortable, but without it, we can’t grow. The things that scare us the most are usually the things we need to do the most.

9. Growth, in life and business, always results from courage and bold decisions. You’ll need to dare to fail and have the courage to make mistakes.

10. Understand the three variables, luck, skill, and hard work and know the ratios you’ll need to achieve your goal and success will be yours.

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