QUOTES , Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part-10

1. Sometimes we lose to raise ourselves in our own eyes and nothing is bigger than being proud to be our own self.

2. Your purpose in life comes through your own pain.

3. Resources are never the problem. It's the lack of resourcefulness that is why people fail.

4. What matters is how we end the day no matter what happened in between.

5. Not all success stories are helpful. Not everyone has the luxury of pursuing other options.

6. Economics taught us the standard of living. Let us learn the standard of life too. Values Vs Valuables.

7. Being consistent with the right habits is a surefire way to achieve excellence.

8. Some realities will benefit from your attention, effort, and manipulation. Others are best left alone.

9. Strengthen your faith in yourself and you’ll chase away your fears.

10. To cast your fears aside, make your dreams speak louder than your fears.


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