Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part-9

1. The silence doesn’t always drown us out. Sometimes, it helps our words to better reverberate.

2. Gaining control of your time before life thumps you with responsibilities is an attitude only a few people have.

3. You came to this world in a passive mode, eating what u were fed and learning what u were taught but life doesn't remain as it is ahead.

4. You have a choice- either be the passive spectator or the active creator of your time on Earth.

5. Staying calm after a miss and getting ready for the next hit, makes anyone invincible.

6. What an old man sees sitting down, a child will not see, even if he climbs a palm tree.

7. Life is likely to be hard because we pursued what is easy instead of what is essential to our growth.

8. The only way to live a more meaningful life is to confront the demons that make everything feel meaningless.

9. That place where life feels bearable and constant is dangerous and crowded.

10. Success just involves taking few steps in a singular direction. Most of us take one step in many directions.

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