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The only thing keeping you from your dreams is your willingness to feel pain.

All achievements come at a sacrifice. If you’re the best in the room, leave the room.

Commitment counts…It will make you…and without it, it will break you

The more emotionally unburdened you're, the more inspired, energized and motivated you will be.

Silence salutes the human ingenuity to connect the dots.

Listen to your emotions, but don’t trust them, use your values to guide your decisions.

It’s never smart to be cowardly and it’s not necessarily smart to turn the other cheek.

You'll never succeed more than you fail because life shape us into the person we wish to become.

Even the destinations with lovely sunshine can have storms on the way, don’t lose sight.

All the best returns in life operate under the law of compound interest: relationships, investments and your reputation.

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