Battle of Bali and Hanuman, who won in this war? Did Bali even defeat Hanuman ji because of the boon? What was the result of this war?

 Battle of Bali and Hanuman, who won in this war? Did Bali even defeat Hanuman ji because of the boon? What was the result of this war?

We all know about Ramayana but today we will tell about such an incident of Ramayana which very few people know.

Bali has been described from chapters 5 to 26 only in Kiskinda Kand, a book of Ramayana, yet Bali has played a major role in Ramayana, especially regarding the killing of Bali.

Bali was the elder brother of Sugriva and the king of Kishkindha, and he is also said to be the son of Indra, we all know that Bali had a boon from Brahma that whoever would fight with him, half of his force went inside Bali. Due to this boon, no warrior could stand in front of Bali, due to this boon, Bali had killed a demon named Dudambhi, who had the strength of 10000 elephants, after Dudambhi, Bali also built a cave for his brother Mayavi. After this incident, arrogance had arisen in Bali and Sugriva, due to this power, no god, demon, or human was capable of fighting the monkey king Bali,

But in this post we are going to tell you about an incident when a war started between Mahabali Bali and Mahashakti Sali, Paramveer Hanuman, then what happened, did Mahabali Bali also defeat Hanuman ji because of his boon, or Then stay with us to know the boon of Brahma ji did not go in front of Hanuman

This thing happened when the war started between the monkey king Bali, the demon king Ravana, on the basis of his boon, Bali had kept Ravana by his side for 6 months and kept doing penance.

In the end Ravana accepted everything from Bali and proposed friendship in front of Bali and both became friends, after this war, Bali's pride had increased a lot and Bali kept challenging all the people to war,

One day, like every day, Bali was shouting in the forest, there is someone who can fight with me, someone who has drank his mother's milk, Hanuman ji was doing penance in the same forest and meditating on his beloved God, Bali His penance was broken by shouting, yet he politely told Bali, Vanar Raj, you are very powerful, no one can defeat you, but why are you shouting like this,

Hearing Hanuman's words, Bali got furious, on this he challenged Hanuman ji as well as Hanuman ji's adoration and said that you can not defeat me only your Ram, if you have the guts then call your Ram,

Hearing the name of his Lord Rama, Hanuman ji got angry and he accepted the challenge of Bali, and it was decided for the war that there would be a riot between the two as soon as the sunrise the next day, Hanuman ji left for the riot as soon as the sunrise the next day. It was only then that Brahma ji appeared in front of Hanuman ji, he tried to understand Hanuman ji that he should not accept Bali's challenge, on this Hanuman ji said that if Lord Bali had only challenged me, I would have forgiven him but He has challenged my adorable Lord Ram, so I have to learn him a lesson, and Hanuman ji did not listen, on this Brahma ji said to Hanuman ji, okay you go for the riot but take only one tenth of your power and the rest of your adorable Surrender it at the feet of the riot and earn it again,

Hanuman ji agreed and went ahead with a tenth of his power, because of the boon, Bali pulled half of Hanuman ji's power as soon as he stepped in the place of riot, and as soon as Hanuman ji got half the power in Bali's body, he It felt that as his body would burst, blood would start pouring out of his veins.

Then Brahma ji appeared and told Bali that you consider yourself to be the most powerful in the world but your body is not able to handle even a small part of Hanuman ji's power and narrated the whole story of himself and Hanuman and said that if If you want to keep yourself alive then run away miles away from Hanuman ji, following the condition of your body and Brahma ji's advice, Bali did the same and he ran away, after that Bali again came to Hanuman ji and bowed to Hanuman ji. Kiya and told about the strength of Hanuman ji and said that despite having so much strength, Hanuman ji keeps calm and keeps singing Ram bhajans and I am in the one who does not have the same power as his strength, yet was challenging him, oh my lord.

Excuse me, then Hanuman ji forgave Bali and both went their own way.

Friends, this episode of Hanuman ji and Bali teaches us that no matter how strong a person becomes, he should never boast,

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