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Bhujangasana looks like a snake with a raised snake, hence the name of this asana is Bhujangasana. Bhujangasana is an important ease of Suryanamaskar and Padmasadhana which is very beneficial for our body. It makes the muscles of the chest and waist flexible and removes any tension in the waist. Bhujangasana will prove to be very beneficial for patients related to spinal cord. In women, it helps to control blood flow in the uterus. Whether it is a patient related to kidney or any stomach related problem, this simple posture is the solution to all problems.

How to do Bhujangasana
Lie flat on the ground, keep the padanguli and head straight on the ground.
Keep feet straight, feet and ankles also together.
Keep both hands equal to both shoulders, and keep both elbows near and parallel to the body.
Taking long breaths, slowly raise the forehead, then the chest and later the stomach. Keep the navel on the ground.
Now, with the support of both hands, lifting the body up, pull it towards the back of the waist.

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Observe: Maintain equal weight on both arms.
Inhaling with reflex, straighten both hands by slowly turning the reed joint even more; Look up, raising the neck.
Consider: Are your hands away from your ears? Keep your shoulders relaxed. If needed, you can also bend the elbows. You can learn to give more curvature to the back by keeping the elbows straight, while continuing to practice as you go.
Keep in mind that your feet are still straight. Keep a light smile, keep on breathing long and smiling.
Taunt the body according to your own ability, too much folding can cause harm.
While exhaling, firstly bring the stomach, then the chest and later the head slowly back to the ground.

 Benefits of Bhujangasana

Relaxing the shoulders and neck.
Strengthen the abdominal muscles.
Reinforcing the entire back and shoulders.
Making the upper and middle parts of the spine more flexible.
To get rid of fatigue and stress.
Extremely beneficial for asthma and other respiratory diseases (do not use this asana when an asthma attack continues).

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Contradiction of Bhujangasana | Contraindications of the Bhujangasana
Pregnant women, or those who have a crack in the rib or wrist, or have had a recent abdominal operation, such as a hernia, will have to avoid this asana.
Do not do Bhujangasana even patients with Carpel tunnel syndrome.
If you have been ill for a long time or have been suffering from a spinal disorder, then practice Bhujangasana only under the supervision of Sri Sri Yoga instructor.

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