Word of Blessing | inspirational message from god today god message today | God says Part -2


 I need you to know that i truly

forgive you. I desire a relationship

with you . I love you and i care you about

you . I am with you .



God says

 I have never failed you .

You can hold on that fact and

rest assure that i will not fail you

now . I am by your side .



God says .

 Let  peace overtake your life .

Melt your cold Heart and turn to

me .



God Says

My child , I need you to turn to me .

It hurts to see you heart .

it hearts to see you relive negative past memories.

i am here .




God Says

 I will provide the justice .

 I am sorry for the people who have hurt you .

Lean on me for strength .

No sin will go unpunished .



God says

 The world is scared right now .

Turn your anxieties into prayers .

Prayers has power .

I am with you .



God says

Take a moment to listen this slowly .

You do not need to know all the answer .

You do not need to understand my ways ,

because my ways are higher than your ways .

I have plans for your life , not to harm you

, but to help you prosper .




God says

 I love that you know my commands.

However, just knowing them is not enough .

You must practice them . I have a commandment to

love me with all your heart and to love your neighbor .

and so i need you to prove with your actions that

you love me and your neighbor .



God says

It's ok not to understand things in the moment .

One day you will Understand . Everything will make

sense . Don't stop believing in me .




God says

I understand how hard it must be for you .

You were Doing so well and out of no where

you fell off track again .

it's okay get up and continue to walk straight now .


I love you

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