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 God's message today,

You just need to take a deep breath and know that you are not alone. 

You are doing good I am proud of your commitment and love.

Stay Focused I will bring you riches. However, my riches will 

be different from what you imagine.

Satan Does not want you to worship me

So worship me louder. Satan will not win the battle.

I will bless you, While satan will only destroy. 

I don't want you to worry.

I want you to lay your worries on me.

I will take care of you .

Take it to step by step.

You don't need to rush through everything. 

Take your time. 

I will not lead you down a road that would hurt you .

Trust in me I will protect you.

You are important.

You do matter. 

Your life has meaning.

When I look at you

I see beauty potential and goodness. 

It is a great day to be alive.

feel the moment Right Now.

Live in present you are blessed. 

Trust me don't give Your fears Power.

Remember that I am bigger than anything in your life.

And my plans are for you to thrive. 

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