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 My child don't lose hope, hang on. 

The Pain is only going to last a little 

while I am with you always. 

Your Calling will be different 

don't be surprised when life takes

you down a different path. 

You are capable of being loved. 

You are not a mistake.

You are a champion. 

You have been so strong lately. 

I hear your prayers. 

I can handle your Pain,

I can handle your emotions. 

Come to me. Give your anxieties.

I will restore You. 

You don't need to hold on to all the weight.

You can hand it over to me through Prayers. 

Call out to me. 

I will restore you and equip you.

I will then need you to help others 

as I helped you. 

Push a little longer.

Do not give up. Trust my timing.

All things work for those who trust me.

You are so awesome and I want you to believe it.

Hey, I want to remind you that. 

I am there with you. You are not alone.

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