Do you know how to become born of Mahabharata's Kurus? Do you know how 100 sons were born on the same day? Do you know that Duryodhana had 1 brother other than these 100 brothers?

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You must know that the battle of Mahabharata was between two parties, you must also know that the two parties between whom the Mahabharata war was a cousin among themselves,

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Those who are known as Pandavas and Kauravas, Dhrathastra had 100 sons, who were called as Kauravas, as well as five sons of Dhrathreshra's younger brother Pandav, who were called Pandavas.
The war of Mahabharata was fought between these people which was fought in Kurukshetra,
It is said that in the place where this war was fought, the soil of the land is still red,
Friends, we all know this, but the thing to think about is that do you know that Kaurava had 100 brothers, whose age was equal?
How did it happen that Gandhari gave birth to 100 sons together,
So, friends, today we will tell you this in this post,
Dhritarashtra was married to Gandhari. At the time of marriage, Gandhari did not know that her husband Dhritarashtra is blind from birth and can not see.
When Gandhari came to know of this, he also tied his eyes on the eyes and spent the life of the blind,

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A few days after Gandhari's marriage, Rishi Vyas came to Hastinpur, Gandhari had served him a lot, and Rishi Vyas was very pleased with it, and seeing the faith and love of the husband of Gandhari, Rishi Vyas gave a boon to him to be 100 sons,
Gandhari was pregnant a few days after the boon and she was pregnant for two years, you would be surprised to know that even after two years, there was no child born of Gandhari's womb but a moth (big piece) was born,
When Rishi Vyas saw this, he ordered that the Moth of Moss be given in 100 pieces,
On hearing this, Gandhari told Rishi Vyas that he had a daughter's wish too, then Rishi Vyas cut the Moss's Moth in 101 pieces and put it in 101 different mutton filled with ghee and ordered that all those mats be exactly 1 Years later opened,

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According to Rishi Vyas, when all these mantras were opened 1 year later, Duryodhana was born first with matka, and after that another 100 mata was born with one son and only one pitcher was born,

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Because Duryodhana mat came first, so he was the eldest of them, otherwise all 101 siblings were born on the same day,
Friends will be surprised to know that there was a son of different caste than all these, whose name was Yutsu, that was when the Gandhari was pregnant and she did not deliver for two years, then Gandhari's husband Dhrathresh had given birth to a daughter of a palace Were related to him because he had to get the son, so in this way, there were 100 hundred 101 brothers and there were 101 children of Dharmastra 101, 102.
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