Who was Radha's husband? Why did Radha marry Abhimanyu? Radha Become Shri Krishna's Mami ( aunty )?

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  Who was Radha's husband? This is a question whose answer has not been answered till date, and its biggest reason is that every scholar has to give a different answer to this question, and that with respect, someone according to Radha's husband's name There is Abhimanyu, so someone named her husband Ryan says someone says Radha's husband Lord Krishna was herself, then someone tells Chandasen her husband
          Someone says that Radha and Rukmini were the same, then someone says that Radha Krishna's marriage was not there, someone has eaten Radha in the last time, she had served as a maid in Shri Krishna's palace,
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So what is the truth in today, I will tell you about these stories, all these stories have been taken from without saying but ultimately the truth is the story,
So friends will tell us today that in which book or Purana or for which book has been mentioned in the story, then you yourself decide that after all, truly the husbands of congratulations were the first thing to talk about Lord Krishna of Bagan,
The mention of marriage of Krishna and Radha is found in Garg Sahita,
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It has been written in Garg Sahita that Radha and Krishna were married and that marriage was done by Brahma ji, tell you that the rituals of Garg Sahita were Garg sages and Rishi Garg was the master of the Yadu dynasty and Naming Krishna and Balram He did the same, in Garg Sahita, Krishna and Radha's Leela are mentioned in detail,
It is also written in the same Garg Sahita that once Nandlalji was carrying Shri Krishna on his shoulder then suddenly a very strong storm came and this storm was not any other but Radha Rani, yes, behind this storm Radha The queen was hidden,
According to Garg Sahita, Radha had come to marry Krishna with Brahma ji, Krishna was a child at that time, but she renounced her form as a teenager and had married Radha, the marriage of Radha Krishna, Brahma ji In the forest named Bhandir,

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Friends now tell you about the second story, about the other name that is taken about Radha's husband, this name is Abhimanyu,
A village named Jatav, about 2 miles (3 km) away from Nand village of Uttar Pradesh, is still claiming that Radha ji was married to his village Abhimanyu, his local people According to the village, there used to be a gopa named Jatila, Abhimanyu was the son of Radha and Abhimanyu was married to Radha's father, Tarsavhanu,
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It is said that Abhimanyu and Radha were married, but Abhimanyu never even touched the shadow of Radha; the people of that country believed that Abhimanyu was busy working throughout the day and Radha was also engaged in household chores As well as eating it also, Abhimanyu was so reluctant to be so relieved of Radha and she felt so close to Radha that if she could not ever talk to Radha,
There can be no doubt about the story of Abhimanyu and Radha as there is still a temple of Jatilah and Abhimanyu and Jatilas in Jatav village. It is believed that Javtav village owns the same house and temple as evidence of Abhimanyu and his mother Jatilah It means that the second name which is taken as the husband of Radha is Abhimanyu and there is no truth in it,

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Now the third name of the person who is taken as Radha's husband is Rapan or Ryan, who was a person named Ryan, said that he was the brother of Yashoda, and Radha was married to her in marriage. After Radha became a maternal of Krishna, because Ryan was the maternal uncle of Krishna and this thing is mentioned in Brahma Vaivarta Purana,
Let us tell you that Brahma Vaivarta Purana is one of the oldest Puranas which is devoted to the life of Lord Shri Krishna, according to this Puran, that Krishna is the divine power to run this universe, that same Puran also says that Radha's husband Ryan Who was one of the brothers of Yashoda and Gok (uncle) of Kanha,
According to Garg Sahita, Radha's husband was Lord Krishna, and on the basis of the evidence available in Jatav village, Radha's husband was Abhimanyu, and according to Brahma Vaivarta Purana, Radha's husband's name was Ryan,
Apart from these three Name, the two names used in the form of Radha's husband are Chandrasena and Anvay,
     However, you will know that Radha was a form of Lakshmi, and she was told that before she was born as Radha, it was said that Mother Laxmi would not marry any other than you, and she The thing is written in Padam Purana,
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That is, Padm Puran also says that Radha's husband was Krishna, so all these claims have become a mystery, which till now could neither solve nor solve any future,
Only two people can give an answer, in which the first name is Shri Krishna and the other is Radha Rani's own name, and none other than this can solve the mystery,
We have told you all the popular stories in this post with their evidence,
Now think of yourself and in the comments, we must tell you, who really was Radha's husband?
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