10 inspirational quotes that will give you strength During Hard Times



1. Hold on to hope, but let go of expectation. Make decisions on your values, not your feelings. Strive to be realistic and helpful in your self-talk

2. Embrace the unknown and the hardship it might bring— see it as a natural path of growth in the journey of life — and it will transform your perspective on fear.

3. See life as an opportunity to grow, rather than as a constant struggle to get by.

4. We do not create ourselves once and then never again, we are a lifelong project, an ever-shifting, continual blossoming human race.

5. The human mind is something called antifragile, which means that it actually gets better with adversity. The mind requires stimulation in the form of a challenge.

6. Life has so much more in store for you than that one, comfortable, favorite chapter you keep re-reading

7. Life has too many ups and downs to follow a complete plan. Life doesn’t often go the way you first envisage it. Give yourself some stability and trust in the process.

8. Too many people won’t leap because they’re afraid of that initial jolt, but they also never learn to spread their wings, and they never arrive anywhere else.

9.  When you force yourself to do something that doesn’t spark joy — you’re burning your candle right down to the wick. Choose wisely.

10. There are a million ways to shine. The key is to figure out the one that resonates most closely with who you are and what you believe in

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