Life changing quotes part 1

1. The quality of your life is based upon the quantity of your complaints and the amount of appreciation you give

2.You never get suffering or trouble that’s beyond your grit, grind, or steel.

3. Everything good that you start in your life will be attacked. Living well is not a peaceful venture, but a battle in its own right.

4. Lower your expectations of life, but not your standards. Choose quality over quantity. Declutter, simplify, and focus. That’s only the way to make life happy

5. You need to sacrifice the good for the great in order to focus on something that is not only promising but also exciting for your soul.

6. Sometimes, the key to success is in biting through and continuing with one single thing instead of starting with new ideas every few months.

7. If all you care about is the mountaintop, the climb is going to be rough. A better strategy is to learn to enjoy the ascent.

8. Waiting for everything to be picture-perfect is self-sabotaging behavior. At the end of the day, nothing is ever going to be perfect, least of all our circumstances.

9. Unless you are a multi-billionaire, pessimism is a luxury you cannot afford. You owe it to yourself to find something positive in even the most distressing situation.

10. Do what is required to keep up your strength and keep yourself strong. This is the process so you can succeed even if you’re tired, afraid, or feeling rejected.

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