Top 10 most famous quotes , quotes that give you strength in your hard time , part -7

1.  The longer you wait to start, your best window of opportunity will slam shut.

2. Success and peace are usually found where the least people are. If you follow the masses, you’ll end up where everyone else. Follow the stairs instead of the elevator.

3. Having the wisdom to learn from failure can help you go from victim to victor and from faulty to strategic.

4. Early success doesn’t necessarily lead to lasting success. We all succeed on a different timeline. And that’s okay, our age doesn't matter.

5. Let your actions advertise your greatness. Do great things, but avoid boasting about your deeds. The braggart repels, but the humble one attracts.

6. Life has no strict signs, there’s just a maze of infinite options. You've to figure out your own route what works for you.

7. Taking responsibility and shifting your mind to the positive is way harder than just accepting misery and blaming external reasons for your suffering.

8. Breaking out of the obstacles you’ve built around yourself isn’t easy, but if you achieve doing so, a world of possibility will open up for you.

9. When you understand that life is something you have to actively learn how to live well, you’re on the path to happiness.

10. Peak performances are not achieved in a single practice. Appreciate the process and work your way to the top.


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