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It's time to forgive . I would like you to let go to grudges .

You don't need to hold on to the hurt .Holding on to grudges

is the same as holding on the pain because it is constant reminder

of why you are holding grudge . Give it Up to me .




 I created you in my image .

I designed you , I am your

creator . Stand strong because

I am your protector . You Are not alone.





If you feel anxious , pray .

If you feel hopeless ,pray .

If you feel depressed , pray .

You don't have to face your hardship

alone . I am with you .




I will provide you with a partner .

It is not good to be alone .




My child I did not cause you suffering .

However I can help you get through the suffering .




Hey , I want to remind that , I am there with you .

You are not alone .



I know the pain that other people have caused you .

I feel your pain. I know how much you suffered.

I will heal you .



My child you are special . I created you in my image .

I know that at times you have compared yourself to others .

You don't need to compare yourself. You are enough .



I know who you are ,

and matter to me .

You are not worthless.



I can feel the pain that you feel .

You are not alone in this situation .

I understand you . 

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