How did demonic putna get heaven ? who was putna in his last birth ?


Putna demonic was the daughter of King Bali in a previous life. It is a matter of when King Bali, who was the grandson of the devotee Prahlad, was performing the Asvamedha Yagya. To get the full fruit of his sacrifice, he did not send any beggar from his door empty-handed. When Lord Vaman was incarnated and he came to King Bali's door asking for three steps of land, the daughter of King Bali saw him and thought that I wish! If he were my son, I would have given him my milk. Lord Vaman Dev accepted this feeling of his. But when Vaman Dev made his form huge to measure the land three steps. Then he measured the whole creation in the first and second step, then he asked King Bali what should he measure in his third step?. Then Vaman Dev placed the third step on his head as per the statement of King Bali. And in the third step, he measured King Bali. And made him the king of Hades. On this his daughter got very angry and thought came in her mind that if I had such a son, I would have killed him by drinking poison. Lord Vaman also accepted this sentiment of her and said in his mind that it should be so. Then in the next birth, Putna, the daughter of King Bali, became a demonic. When Lord Krishna was born. And he was brought secretly at night to Nanda Baba's house in Gokul. Krishna's birth was celebrated at Nanda Baba's house. According to sky prophacy, Kans was afraid of his death from Lord Krishna. So he sent many demons to kill him. But they could not harm Lord Krishna. Then Kans sent the demon Putna to kill Lord Krishna. Putna's job was to kill small children by drinking poison. Similarly she wanted to kill Lord Krishna. She came to Nand Baba's house as a beautiful girl, putting poison in her breasts. And spoke to Yashoda that she is a perfect Brahmin and she wants to bless Krishna by drinking her milk. As soon as he made Lord Krishna drink milk containing her poison, the Lord took away the poison as well as her life. Lord Krishna gave the same place to the demon Putna, which he had thought for Mother Yashoda and Mother Devaki.

So devotees, according to this story, we get to learn that the way we worship God, God accepts us with same the feeling.

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