do you know ? every human have three friends ? who they are ?


Once upon a time there was a man.  He had three friends.  The four of them had a very close friendship.  One day, one of the man fell very ill.  He got his treatment done by many doctors of the village.  But no one could trace his illness.  In the end all the doctors said that we will not be able to save it.  Saying this all the doctors went to their homes. When the man felt that his last time had come, he called his three friends to him and asked his first friend how much you love me.  So he said I love you the most.  So the man said will you support me even after death?  The friend took his step back and said that I can support you only till this birth.  The man asked the same question to his other friend that will you accompany me even after death?  So another friend said that I will do your last rites in a good way when you die.  But I cannot promise you that I will support you even after death.  Then the man asked his third friend whether you would accompany me even after death.  So the third friend said, I have definitely supported you for life and will give it to you even after death.  The man becomes happy.  Friends, this is our life, in our life we also have three friends: money, family and deeds.  Our first friend i.e. money is with us as long as we are in this world.  Money doesn't matter after our death.  Our second friend is the family, who support us throughout our life and after our death, after performing our last rites, liberates us.  But after that they are no important for us.  But our third friend i.e. deeds is the one who always stays with us throughout our life and even after we die.  That is why one should always do good deeds in life because there is only deeda which supports us even after death.

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